Home Automation

Home automation is a fast changing & evolving group of products. The idea of home automation is to make your life simpler & easier. We here at Caledon East Audio Video believe in that concept. Home automation can be, controlled lighting, thermostats, security cameras, wi-fi music streaming, Google home, Alexa or unified remote controls. Home automation can be very simple from having 1 Harmony remote to work all your electronic components, to complex commends that control lighting, audio & video. We can help set up all these products & find the best APPS to control them. Products like Sonos, Harmony, Samsung, Yamaha, Nest, Google Home & Amazon Alexa are making it easier every day to integrate all your home elewctronics.


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At Caledon East Audio Video, we understand that every home is unique. We will work with you to customize your digital smart home experience to fit your budget and lifestyle. Interested? Just fill out the Contact Us form. Our specialists will contact you to consult on the best strategy for installing the smart home systems you desire!