Smart Home Design

Caledon East Audio Video is your source for smart home automation systems. A smart home has all of its electronic systems — from lights, temperature controls, security, entertainment and more — connected to one network control package that is simple to use and which makes life easier. We can install a Control 4® package in your home that seamlessly integrates all of its technology into one system that is so intuitive and convenient, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Control 4® is the platform that Audio Video Unlimited offers, so you can experience the latest technology in home automation. Digital smart homes enable all of your home’s systems to work together in concert, so that you can automate and simplify your life in ways that people only dreamed of a few years ago.

Smart Home Theatre Experience

Make home entertainment an incredible experience that rivals any cinema! Press the “Movie” button on your Control4® app to fire up a projector screen or smart TV, operate the DVD or Bluray player, dim the lights and activate the surround sound system — all with one touch. Customized lighting and high definition video are all integrated into one system. Audio Video Unlimited can install your smart home theatre so that all of the equipment is out of sight and the system is entirely controlled and operated from a remote, smart phone or tablet screen.

Home Automation Audio System

Your smart home’s music system can be integrated into every room with streaming, high definition audio. In fact, streaming music is a standard feature of every Control 4® installation. A smart home audio system lets you stream from your favorite music platforms, such as Spotify, Pandora or even your own playlist. Enjoy a modern sound system throughout every room in the home, controlled with a single button press.

Control4 + Amazon Alexa

Home Automation Lighting

Smart lighting can be implemented in just one room, or throughout every room in your home. You can turn the lights on or off through your entire home wirelessly with the press of a button. Lighting systems can be designed and installed to complement the beauty of your home as it becomes a more upscale, technologically-advanced living space. Motion sensors can turn lights on, off, or dimmed with a Control 4 dimmer switch when you enter or leave a room. You can even program the system to alternate the lighting routine so it looks like your home is occupied when you’re away.


Smart Home Climate Control & More

The systems that can be integrated in your home with Control 4® are practically unlimited. We can connect your home’s HVAC, forced air, radiant flooring or geothermal system to your Control 4® network for a personalized climate system that operates on an easy-to-program schedule. Adjust temperature and humidity by the seasons or simply warm up your house before you arrive home from work or school, with individualized and preprogrammed temperatures for every room.

Contact Us

At Caledon East Audio Video, we understand that every home is unique. We will work with you to customize your digital smart home experience to fit your budget and lifestyle. Let our Control 4 technicians know which smart home solutions you’re interested in by filling out the Contact Us form. Our specialists will contact you to consult on the best strategy for installing the smart home systems you desire!